5 Advantages of Pets

5 Advantages of Pets Over Other Animal Assists, Pet Health, and Lifestyle Solutions

Many school administrators consider bringing pets to their classrooms as a valuable way to educate students on pet ownership, responsible pet ownership, animal behavior, and much more. Unfortunately, many school administrators who keep pet-free classrooms do this with pure love for the animals and without truly knowing why they do this. Pet ownership is an important topic for schools, but not all schools are pet-friendly. Here are some of the main arguments why pet owners should find another school:


Pets can trigger allergies in some people

Pet dogs and cats can be carriers of Salmonella and Bacteria due to their contact with feces and litter. This is particularly true for younger children who may not be able to tell their parents or teacher that they are allergic to a portion of particular pet food. Dogs that bark constantly are also a huge problem for some people. Studies have shown that pets lead to more frequent illness among schoolchildren because many kids cannot differentiate between a barking dog and another that is simply playing.


Pet dogs and cats are territorial

When you own a pet, you inevitably raise it to be aggressive towards other animals and humans. Some breeds of dogs may display extra aggressive tendencies when they feel threatened. It has been studied and found that there are mixed breed dogs that have been known to be more hostile and violent toward humans than purebreds. Many of these dogs were bred for fighting and were not purebred by their owner. If you do not want your pet to become aggressive toward humans and other animals, you should not get a purebred.


Pets can lead to unhealthy cardiovascular disease

Owning a pet can put a strain on your heart because of the large number of muscles in the animal. The heart works to pump blood and nutrients throughout the body, and sometimes, owning too many animals can lead to an overload of work for the heart. Cardiovascular disease is a common outcome of too much animal activity. People with heart problems should definitely consider pet ownership.


Having pets is fun. Owning pets is exciting!

You get companionship and safety that are unmatched by most other living situations. You can take your furry friends with you on family vacations, business trips, and adventures, making your life easier! As you live out your life with your new pet, you will start to notice a new quality of health and wellbeing that you have never had before.


Pets are noisy and messy

When you live in a small apartment or have a house with a yard, you may not have a choice but to clean up after your pets, especially cats. Excessive barking, whining, scratching, and other types of bad behavior can ruin your sleep, your belongings, and your peace of mind. Consider investing in a high-tech vacuum cleaner for your cats to keep them as clean as they can be while remaining in your home.

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