Black Tie Optional at the Workplace

Dress codes range in type from business

A dress code is essentially a set of rules which businesses develop in order to help give their staff guidelines as to what’s appropriate to wear on the job. Dress codes range in type from business casual to formal, depending largely on the company’s needs and the local community it serves. While all businesses may have similar dress codes to set down, these codes often differ according to industry. There are also some areas which are left open for interpretation by the employer. It’s therefore important for you to understand what exactly your company’s dress code policy is, as well as how this policy is applied in your workplace. Here are some tips on choosing the ideal dress code for you.

In most cases, the dress code for businesses regards collared shirts and trousers as being suitable outfits for work. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot wear your favourite pair of jeans or dress down to work. Many employers still allow employees to choose casual clothes, particularly when it comes to ties. However, they require that the colours and style of these clothes are keeping minimal. Black jeans, for example, may be acceptable in a business environment but not when worn with a brightly coloured top or polo neck sweater and shoes.

wear neutral coloured

Another thing to keep in mind is that an employee should not wear clothes that make them look bulky. Jackets, oversized t-shirts, loose trousers, and even oversized sweaters will definitely show that an employee is overweight. As such, an interview outfit should not be too casual, and should be conservative enough to show that the person in question is serious about the job at hand. One way to stay away from this is to choose a nice fitted jacket and to wear neutral coloured socks and shoes.

When it comes to what colour to wear, formal business attire tends to be more restrictive than informal attire. Business casual clothes tend to be lighter in color, have less material and generally not have too many pockets. As such, the majority of business formal outfits can be paired with a white or neutral colored shirt and trousers. It is important to remember that these dress codes are in place because of the professional nature of the industry in which they are in, and so, they are in effect serving the purpose of making sure that employees arrive in the workplace on time and are able to behave in a business like manner.

business dress codes can be much more flexible

For some occasions, especially social ones, business dress codes can be much more flexible. If you are attending a social event or charity event which is likely to be conducted in a slightly less formal environment, then you can certainly wear whatever you want. On such occasions, black tie optional may be appropriate and it is up to you to decide if you want to wear a jacket or not.

Always remember that the purpose of dress codes is to ensure that people arrive on time in a good condition. When it comes to arriving in a business like way, it is important to always remember that the most important aspect of any outfit is the shoes that one puts on. No matter what other parts of your outfit you choose to wear, it is important to ensure that the shoes that you wear to go well with the rest of your outfit. The best thing to do is to ask a friend if you can try on some different shoes that you think would go well with your dress, as this will ensure that you arrive in a smart but comfortable way.

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