Contact Lens Facts – Know About UV Radiation

contact lenses are available for just about every condition under the sun

One popular reason that contact lenses were introduced was so that people would no longer have to deal with the glaring, stressful glare of the sun on their faces while in outdoors. As you might expect, the introduction of contact lens technology resulted in many new and exciting improvements to eyeglasses. For example, there is now a wide range of designer and style eyeglasses that are available in today’s market. If you’ve always wanted to look hip and stylish, but have never been able to because of a fear of bright light, you can try designer eyeglasses.

However, it’s not just style that’s helped people overcome their phobias for the purpose of wearing contact lens. Until recently, manufacturers weren’t very successful at creating high quality UV blocking lenses. In fact, some of the best lenses on the market were designed to block only a small percentage of ultraviolet radiation. Unfortunately, the best sunglasses are also the most expensive sunglasses in the market, so people have been left with inferior products.

how do you get around this problem?

It’s quite simple actually. There are now ultra-lightweight, UV blocking sunglasses that are available that can easily reduce up to 95% of ultraviolet rays from entering your eyes. This includes harmful sun rays like the sun’s UV rays. These special lenses are usually called “uv-obstruction” lenses.

You can buy these new ultra-lightweight lenses at a much cheaper price than they were previously sold at. Although there are many advantages to these lenses, there are some disadvantages as well. First of all, it’s hard to manufacture them because the material used is very hard to work with. Another issue is that these newer designs don’t offer full UV protection. Although the sun’s rays can still harm your eyes, they don’t penetrate through the top layer of your eye, as with ordinary sunglasses. Even if you don’t want to wear UV protection, these designs would be a good investment because they last longer than ordinary designs.


However, there is one kind of lens on the market that does offer full protection, and that’s called an Ultra Violet Protection (UV-P) lens. They are made out of a special material that acts like a sponge to soak up harmful rays. This way, the UV rays won’t enter into your eye, but won’t damage it in any way either. They are perfect for people who need to use these kinds of lenses on a daily basis, since they will be able to maintain their health for years to come.

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