Gasoline Prices – What Are Your Gasoline Options?

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The state of California is the nation’s top-rated state when it comes to green-consciousness. In many ways, this makes it a natural place to raise a family. However, the state’s natural environment also presents challenges for people who want to live green. In fact, many of the natural features of the state make it difficult for residents to grow organic foods, raise cattle for meat, and create energy through solar panels.

The fourth question on the top ten list this week posed to local residents is: Why aren’t gas prices lower in California? The answers to these questions vary greatly from place to place. First, let us examine why. First, why are gas prices at the gas pump so expensive in general? The state of California is one of only a few states that allow drivers to double their current “baseline” gallons of fuel every year. This allows drivers to buy a higher amount of gas than they typically would to meet the average price per gallon.

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Unfortunately, many drivers in the state of California do not use enough gas to meet this requirement. As a result, they pay dearly for their petroleum-based product every time they fill up their tank. In some areas, such as Los Angeles, these high gas prices have become nearly a tradition. According to the Los Angeles Times, over the last five years, motorists in Southern California have paid more than $1.50 for every gallon of fuel they purchased.

As a result of high gas prices in the state of California, many residents and drivers alike have turned toward the use of alternative fuels. For example, more than half of all Americans now own at least one hybrid car. Many people also have switched their auto insurance carriers to include them in their insurance plans so that they can receive credit toward purchasing more efficient cars or trucks. Even though these are good efforts, the American public still must take further action if it hopes to reduce the amount of oil and gasoline used in their vehicles.

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One step that many American consumers are taking is raising their gas-per-gallon limit on their current car. Currently, the federal government requires anyone driving a vehicle to have a minimum of 18 regular gallons of gas in their vehicle at all times. However, consumers in the state of California are not required to pay these taxes. California’s Department of Motor Vehicles does not plan to increase the statutory, average gas tax anytime in the near future, according to the LA Times. This means that drivers in the Golden State will continue to enjoy the current tax rate on gasoline, which currently stands at seven cents per gallon. Although the state government does not plan to change the tax, it has instead started an effort to make drivers pay more for their individual gasoline purchases.

The efforts to increase gasoline prices are not just being implemented at the national level. Many smaller American towns have been impacted as well. In Pennsylvania, motorists are currently required to pay at least twenty cents per gallon in addition to the state tax rate on gasoline purchases. While there is currently no clear indication that the Pennsylvania government will begin to charge taxes on fuel in the state any time soon, several local residents are not happy with the prospect. “I think it’s silly for people to put twenty cents in every gallon of gas that goes out,” said Mike DiCiarelli, a resident of York County, Pennsylvania. “Who do we pay these taxes to anyways?”

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