Getting Creative Ideas – Where Does the Mind Get Its Ideas?

unique ways in which you can creatively

A creative idea can consist of many different things. To truly understand creative thinking and its importance, it helps if we take a more clinical view. In cognitive terms, creativity and memory are associated with the same processes. In simple terms, creativity is associated with what you remember, and memory is associated with what you are able to recall. So when you have an idea, think of creative ways in which you can translate that idea into something that can be a benefit to others. Creativity then is not only about coming up with original ideas, but it is also about coming up with new and unique ways in which you can creatively utilize the ideas that you already have.

So what occurs when your creative idea is created? Your brain starts with an impression of the idea as being something that can be a benefit to you and/or others. This impression is created partly through what you already know, and partly through what you feel is relevant to the idea. Your brain then begins to process this new notion as though it were part of reality. Your brain not only connects the new notion with something that is already known, but it also projects this knowledge onto other thoughts and memories. This is basically how the human mind works.

associate the idea of painting

One example of this is remembering an old hobby of yours that involved painting. You might remember that you had a great hobby that allowed you to express yourself artistically, but you might not be able to put the hobby into concrete ideas. If so, your memory is not connected to a concrete notion of painting, and therefore will not be a part of the new creative idea that you are generating. On the other hand, if you associate the idea of painting with an old memory related to something that you can actually do right now, such as walking through a field painting with watercolors, you will be able to link these two notions together.

Another good example is thinking of an idea for a creative work. People often have a great idea for a project, but have trouble getting started on it because they are stuck in a rut. For example, an artist may be stuck in the problem of trying to figure out how to draw a flower. As he or she considers more of the flower, more details will start to emerge, and before long a great and creative idea emerges. The artist does not need to be in a creative turmoil to do this.

process and create new creative ideas

The above examples clearly illustrate the importance of thinking new notions. In other words, your brain has to be open to new concepts and notions in order to process and create new creative ideas. And once you are able to think new thoughts, you can use those ideas to spark the creativity in other people as well.

You can help facilitate the process of developing creative ideas by encouraging your friends and family members to share their own thoughts and insights. It is also important to get others to join in on the conversation, so that everyone can benefit from the sharing of new notions. Also, consider asking the opinion of a few creative minds before you decide to pursue a certain project. That way, you will have the opportunity to get different ideas and point them in the right direction.

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