Green Energy Solutions – Why We Need to Shift to Green Energy

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Green energy has many benefits for those who are willing to give it a shot. Many people have heard of all the benefits of “going green.” However, many people still don’t have an idea about what it actually means. Basically, green energy is clean domestic energy that comes from renewable resources. So, this means that it is produced using little to no environmental impact and doesn’t dispense harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, which cause global warming.

One such type of “renewable energy” is geothermal power. The earth’s geothermal heat is readily available. This energy is so powerful that if all of the earth’s geothermal resources were exploited, it would equal the annual consumption of all the world’s oil and gas combined. Geothermal power plants use a large number of wind turbines in order to generate renewable electricity. Wind is naturally occurring and its speed can be measured with a wind meter. Geothermal plants use the natural force of the wind to move and generate steam and hot water, which is then used to produce electricity.

There are two major advantages of wind power

The first advantage of wind power is that it can be used anywhere. Since the wind is natural and freely available, it allows you to utilize the same kind of green energy no matter where you live. Also, you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel since geothermal resources are used up very quickly. These factors make geothermal hydropower systems highly affordable.

Another major advantage of wind generated electricity is that it doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. This is a particular advantage when you consider how much carbon dioxide is released by fossil fuel based power plants when their turbines spin. Fossil fuel based plants release a large amount of greenhouse gases into our air and cause global warming. Geothermal energy does not contribute to this problem and has been estimated to reduce man made pollution by up to 90%.

green energy solutions

In fact, a recent study showed that switching to green energy sources could save the United States as much as 2 billion dollars during the next 25 years. This would amount to an annual savings of $5.3 billion. The switch to cleaner sources of energy would also prevent the emission of up to 8 million tons of carbon dioxide. This is a huge contribution towards reducing the effects of climate change.

One of the most important reasons why we should switch to green energy solutions is because they will allow us to benefit from a bountiful supply of energy. Unlike the current trend where fossil fuels are being depleted at an alarming rate, we can use these energy sources to ensure that we don’t suffer any significant hit to our economy. Today, there are still enough oil and gas reserves in the world to allow us to continue using them at the same level for the coming years. However, if we adopt more sustainable methods of using these fossil fuels, we can surely save our environment from further deterioration. We need to shift over to green energy solutions if we want to ensure that our economy grows sustainably.

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