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hotels are technically creating stabling devices for customer service, customer care, and operations

The need to understand the complexity and significance of hotel operations is always a common topic here at Hotel Technology Report. This publication covers the gamut from marketing and branding to operational efficiencies and more. Whether you’re in the industry or you’re looking to be, you’ll find great insights here at Hotel Technology Report. We’re always looking to deepen our understanding of the complexities of hotel operations and develop solutions for improving operations and create better content for…


one of the trends we see consistently in this industry

is the continued expansion of the property management group as an individual component of hotel operations. As a property maintenance and room type decisions are spun off into the hands of the property management company, operators will no longer be burdened with the often cumbersome tasks of managing it themselves. In addition to this trend, we’ve seen consolidation in the type of technology used. Increasingly, we’re seeing operators looking for a full suite solution instead of the “core” offerings of room types, amenities, and basic tech support. When you combine these changes with the fact that hospitality operations have traditionally been more about operations than technologies, you can see a coming together of two technologies to complement one another.


hotel tech report has long advocated

the integration of technology into the operations of hotels as a strategy to improve the guest experience. Over the past decade, many hotels have made major strides toward integrating customer service and technology. Today, most of the hotels we read about have integrated both technologies seamlessly. Unfortunately, most of these hotels still use outdated or outmoded hotel operations software. That means hotels are not effectively leveraging the full potential of their existing technology or are simply waiting for newer, more technically feasible guest experience systems to arrive on the market.


fortunately, several new hotel technologies

are sweeping across the hospitality industry that is combining the best of both worlds. One of the newest trends in mobility: improving the guest experience by helping them access the information they need on the go without having to leave their seats. Another trend is the rise of cloud computing: using mobile technology to deliver hotel technology across the enterprise. Here are some of the latest technologies in the mobility realm:


human resources:

Using the power of social media, tech-savvy HR professionals can leverage guest experience data to drive marketing, operations, and scheduling decisions. A smart hotel property management system will allow managers to access employee data from any location via the Internet and build relationships based on current and past interactions. Additionally, managers can access employee data and deliver personalized customer service based on actual client interactions. This allows hotel managers to provide better hospitality to clients.


revenue management:

Using real-time analytics, a new generation of revenue management solutions will streamline collections processes while extending customer service. Real-time analytics will allow hotel managers to identify growth opportunities. The front office manager can determine revenue patterns, track guest activity, and enforce contracts with contractors. Revenue management will also allow hotel managers to generate reports that are relevant to operational performance and reduce waste. By combining internal controls with advanced analytics, the front office manager can optimize operations for maximum profitability.

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