House For Winter Preparation

house is in a basement

So last year my dad and I moved to a house for winter readyness. The house is in a basement so the basement was one of the worst parts of the house for us to rent. So my older sister and I made sure that we did everything we could to turn this place into a livable home for us and our dad. So I am here to share with you some of the things we did to turn the house into a home.

We moved our bikes outside and threw on some old, worn out floor covering, like hay rugs. We put up hay bales and hung some rope and wood beams from the ceiling. The beams were actually supposed to be there but we put them up anyway. So now we had a nice, dry, and warm place for him and my sister to exercise their bodies and have a fun time doing it.

wooden playhouse

And we also put up a little playhouse for my little boy. I will give him credit though; he did not think that this was very important. But my dad did, so he bought some velvet antlers for the playhouse and some velvet antlers socks for me, just in case my uncle decided that he wanted to sit inside one day. And he did. He loved sitting under the tree with mom and dad playing fetch and washing snowman dolls while they made fun of his wooden playhouse all the time.

Then my husband painted the house a lovely pastel color so it matched the house that my uncle had already painted. And he added some old wood that he found in an antique store and turned into a desk for our new winter family room. We added a real fireplace and now it feels like it’s not winter at all, but summer. It’s just nice having the house so close to my little one.

house that works for family

I hope you have had as much fun decorating your house as my husband and I have had. I love the fresh paint and everything else my husband added to make our house look beautiful. Our children still wonder what it’s going on in there every day even though they are grown. And I’m glad that I don’t have to keep telling them. I’ll admit that I have been looking for a way to create an outdoor play area for my daughter even since I read about it in a gardening magazine.

It would be great to have a place outdoors where all three of our children could spend their time when the weather was bad outside. But until such time arises, I know that my husband and I have a house that works. It is a house that we can all enjoy and it certainly couldn’t hurt to have a place for our two little ones to get away from everything else. So I guess we were right about that weather thing.

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