How Office Energy Efficiency Can Help Save Money

Although there are thousands of different ways to make your office more energy efficient, a few methods are probably better and more economical than others. Cloud computing and virtualization will likely be on the top of your list of “best” energy-efficient improvements you could make. You might not think of it as being very energy-conscious, but virtualization is probably one of the most affordable and best steps you could take at an office to lower your energy bill. Here’s how it works:


Consider the Renewable Energy Resources

If you’ve been paying attention to energy costs, you’ve probably heard about or seen the recent reports about rising energy costs in the United States. You might think by now that there’s something you can do to save money on energy costs any way you can, and that’s true, especially if you’re in the business or service industry. But you probably also realize that there aren’t many easy, painless solutions for improving office energy efficiency. So what can you do?

A great way to start saving money and improve office energy efficiency is with virtualization. Basically, virtualization divides one physical server into many virtual servers. Each virtual server is only dedicated to a specific purpose, like a database or operating system, making all of your servers (and software) run as efficiently as possible while using as little power as possible. That way, you end up using less power, which helps you save money month after month.

Another way you can make your office energy efficient is by using less natural gas or electricity to power your computer and its peripherals. Not everyone has an unlimited amount of power, so you should think about whether or not you use less power than you do now. If you do, you’ll want to consider buying one or more hybrid electric vehicles. And if you don’t currently have a hybrid car, it might be time to look into the possibility of purchasing one or several for your business.


Equipment Into Energy Efficient Models


Of course, you don’t want to give up on being environmentally friendly right now. After all, it’s still important to protect the environment, even if you need to use more energy-efficient products to do so. However, when it comes to your office space, there are some big differences between “green” and “efficient.” In your home, you can usually just replace light bulbs rather than spending money on energy efficiency retrofits for every room. And if you shop around, you’ll find plenty of options for keeping your building’s energy efficiency in check while at the same time allowing you to save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Consider these examples. If you have a filing cabinet that’s not energy efficient, replacing it with a high-efficiency model may save you money in the long run. Or if you have a large fax machine, buying a newer model may save money over the long run because you won’t need to pay as much to run it. And if you have heating and cooling, making changes to your HVAC system may actually save you money if you install energy-efficient models. In short, there are plenty of ways that an energy-efficient office space can help you save money, especially if you work in a commercial setting, where a large portion of your business overhead is driven by the energy use in your building.

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