How to Choose a Responsible Gas and Electricity Supplier

Electricity Supplier

Electricity Suppliers are companies who supply power to households, businesses and public utilities. When you buy electricity from an Electricity Supplier, you are buying from the network that they are part of. In this way you have access to a consistent and reliable source of energy. But what if your supplier is not part of a large organisation and you have to find your own Electricity Suppliers?

Firstly, there are two main options for finding your own Electricity Suppliers; by going with a larger company or by going with a third-party energy supplier. The advantage of going with a third-party energy supplier is that the company can pass on some of their costs to you, which can often help you to pay less than you would pay with a larger company. However, in order to get this option you will usually need to contact every Electricity Suppliers in your local area and inform them that you are requesting that they supply you with their services at a cheaper rate. Many times they will agree to the proposal and you should also make sure that you negotiate any pricing changes with them before completing the contract.

finding your own Electricity Suppliers

A second option for finding your own Electricity Suppliers is by becoming a deregulated electricity supplier. Like all other states in Australia, the State Electricity Commission (SEC) has taken steps to deregulate the rates that electricity suppliers are allowed to charge. As a result of this deregulation, prices in Australia have dropped over the last few years, particularly for commercial and industrial customers. This is because the costs associated with meeting the new regulations, such as the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), has meant that companies are able to pass on some of these savings to their customers. As a result, many of them have introduced a flexible energy tariff which meets the needs of their customers while at the same time offering some excellent deals on current gas and electricity tariffs.

Deregulated electricity suppliers can also offer flexible tariffs, competitive pricing, and the opportunity to create a number of contract options for both domestic and commercial premises. If you need to meet government targets, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it is highly recommended that you look into whether your supplier has established an environment-friendly strategy. If it hasn’t, then it may be time to start renegotiating your current contracts. The SES offers a list of its most environmentally-friendly suppliers along with information about green solutions and additional resources to meet carbon reduction targets across the industry.

the Australian Energy Agency

Another great resource to help you find suitable electricity suppliers in your area is the Australian Energy Agency (EA). The EA offers a host of resources including pricing information, advice and fact sheets that can assist you in making a decision on which energy supplier to select. If you live in a remote area that isn’t serviced by a traditional electricity supplier, you may also be eligible for a reduced rate through the EA. In addition, the EA’s website includes interactive tools and information that will allow you to compare energy usage among electricity suppliers and get price alerts.

When you start shopping around for your next electric supplier, you are encouraged to ask lots of questions. Make sure to talk with several different companies to determine what types of offers they have to provide and what rates they charge. Additionally, be sure to identify how long you plan to have your business operating so you can choose suppliers that are authorized to provide this service in your area. Finally, it is important to consider the impact that approved suppliers can have on your finances, so talk to your chosen provider to find out whether you will have to obtain a rate from the Regulated Gas and Electricity Regulator (RGIR) to use their services.

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