looking for a Dog-Friendly Cottage rental?

Dog Friendly Cottage Choices For Your Pets

Are you planning a trip with your dog and are looking for a Dog-Friendly Cottage rental? There are many lovely places to stay in New Zealand that do not require you to leave your four-legged friend behind when you head out. Some places cater for small dogs, while others are made just for large dogs. Some places even offer rentals for both types of dogs.


To plan an enjoyable, stress-free stay with your beloved canine

lookout for any of the following amenities to ensure an enjoyable stay: – Dog-Friendly Cottage or Holiday Cottages with dog walks. Most holiday cottages or dog-friendly cottages have private dog walks, which allow you to take your pooch for a well-deserved walk. You can choose a walking distance (up to a few minutes walk), depending on the size of your pup, as well as whether it has special needs if there are. Some cottages even offer walks to the local park or other attractions, if your dog is energetic enough.


Pet Insurance

Although most hotels do not offer pet insurance, you can still get a policy from a reputable dog-friendly cottage or holiday home. The policy would cover the cost of medication and care, in case your dog meets with an accident or illness while staying at the property. Remember, a policy like this is only permitted anywhere in New Zealand for fourteen days at a time, so make sure you check the policy thoroughly before signing up.


Enclosed garden

Some holiday cottages may have an enclosed garden or parking area, which is a great way to keep your dog safe while you are visiting the area on holiday. This option is not available everywhere, so do some research to find one that does. Holiday cottages that do have enclosed gardens or parking areas are also great places to bring the kids, as they can play inside and be close to their favourite pup.


Pet Parks

A lot of holiday cottages allow you to bring your dog on the check-in and also on the day you depart. If you are concerned about security, you can contact the owners of the property, and they will usually allow you to stay a night in their care, should you want to do so. Some parks also have off-site parking, which allows you to park and walk to the airport, without having to pay additional fees.


If you are travelling with a young pup

you will be able to find plenty of holiday cottages that allow you to leave your dog at the kennels while you have fun elsewhere. Talyn is a great example of a dog-friendly cottage near Poole. It has several different sized kennels for small to medium-sized dogs, as well as a large outdoor kennel that boasts your favourite television shows, as well as a variety of dog treats for you to take home. Talyn also offers a delicious homemade recipe book for you to devour while you enjoy your favourite TV shows during your stay!

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