Types Of Roofing Systems You Can Use For Your House

A roofing contractor is someone who installs roofs, repairing or replacing the existing ones

A roofing system is the covering of a structure. A roof covers a structure’s roofing, which includes the rafters, floor, and ceiling. Roofing is a vital aspect of any construction job, as it not only protects your investment, but also makes sure that you have a comfortable living space. The roof is a major portion of your home, so if it is not done properly, you could be putting yourself at risk.

There are different types of roofs, such as a concrete or earth roof construction, a tile roof construction, a wooden roof, a metal roof construction, a composite roof, a ceramic tile roof, or a composite roof. Each type of roof construction has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Some of these benefits and drawbacks are discussed below:

Concrete or asphalt shingles – the most common form of roofing, the concrete or asphalt shingles, can either be self-cleaning or require that they be painted frequently. Asphalt shingles tend to be the cheapest type of roof system, while concrete or clay tiles are expensive because of their durability and long-term resistance against corrosion. They are often used to create walkways, driveways, garages, patios, and decks. A concrete or asphalt shingle roof system may need to be replaced after a few years because of their tendency to break off at the point where the roof meets the ground.

Asphalt and clay tiles – these types of roofing systems are more expensive because they need frequent maintenance and repairs. If you wish to use these materials for your new roof system, make sure that you are prepared to regularly repair any damage that you find on them. Moreover, you must also prepare yourself to buy these materials so you won’t have to constantly move from one home site to another when you want to replace damaged tiles. Moreover, clay tiles and asphalt shingles are susceptible to leaking or puncturing which will cause leaks and holes that will be very difficult to fix.

Rubber slate – a roofing material made of rubber, this is the best choice for people who want to give their roofs an organic look. Also known as rubber slate shingles, this is resistant to the corrosion that concrete tiles experience. However, because of its low cost, rubber slate shingles is only suitable for structures that have less chances of needing a roof replacement in the next five to ten years.

Wood shakes – these are the cheapest roofing systems you can find in the market today. Moreover, wood shingles are also the most vulnerable to damages. Although they are very tough and durable, they are also prone to wood rot, insect infestation and cracks. This is why it is not advisable to use wood shingles on structures like fireplaces or barns which are prone to extreme weather conditions. If you opt to use this kind of roofing system, it is important that you are prepared to regularly repair or replace damage portions on a regular basis.

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