What Are the Typical Standard Inclusions in Commercial Cleaners?

Will they just clean your living room or will they also include the garage and the bedroom?

You might have never hired house cleaners before and maybe aren’t even sure of everything to look for in the cleaners you’ll be hiring. What should you expect when you hire cleaners for your house?

House cleaners may not come with a broom, but they probably have a few brooms, mops and rakes. Most cleaners have a few things for you to do while they’re in your home: sweep up the floor; mop the floors; get rid of cobwebs; vacuum; trash the trash; etc. You’ll want to know what you can expect from your cleaners so you don’t end up with a jobless mess after the cleaners are done. Some cleaners may also offer dry cleaning and steam cleaning services as well.

Most standard inclusions in most cleaning services include sweeping and mopping floors

However, there’s more to it than that. You should have a contract that details exactly what’s included in the cleaning service contract. If you have pets, there should also be an agreement about which areas are off limits. Usually, the contract includes the mopping of the entire floor (including the stairs, rugs, carpet and anything else under the bare floors) but you should get a written quote specifying what’s needed and what’s not.

Some standard inclusions in cleaning services also include emptying trash bins. However, if the cleaners are expected to perform other duties, like assembling furniture or tearing down walls, those jobs need to be separately handled. Most cleaners also vacuum blinds and change light bulbs. It’s usually the case that the cleaners will provide you with a job description of how they’ll complete each job. If you have pets, professional cleaners might be required to keep the animal-free living space at all times. Again, ask what’s included in the job description.

professional cleaners get annual health and safety training and must carry liability insurance

In terms of safety, it’s probably best to hire cleaners who are insured, bonded and have proper credentials. The cleaners are responsible for ensuring your health and safety. They should also have emergency roadside help just in case of an emergency.

In addition, many cleaning professionals offer additional services including window washing, scrubbing tile, blind washing, upholstery shampooing, pet grooming, and general cleaning. A quality cleaner will have many cleaning options. Ask the cleaner what they can do and whether they’ll do them all or focus on certain areas. Make sure you agree on the price and services before you let the cleaner into your home.

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