What Divorce Attorneys Offers?

mistakes from occurring during the divorce process

Divorce can be a financially draining experience for any family. Even if you and your spouse amicably settled on all terms, there may still be sizable fees that are required before you and your former partner can officially separate from one another. These fees will often occur, even if your marriage has already been dissolved in California law. Some of these fees can be avoided through a good divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will be able to assist you with getting the divorce proceedings completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. He or she will also be able to prevent costly mistakes from occurring during the divorce process.

In most divorce cases, one spouse is granted temporary custody of the children. This is usually done in cases where the couple has agreed upon child support or when one spouse is suffering from a medical condition or disability. Temporary custody is granted by the court to allow one parent to get ready for parenting time or to receive medical treatment. In the case of divorce, the court will take custody of the children, unless the grandparents vouch for one parent being able to care for the children better. In the event that the grandparents are trying to force the issue of joint custody, the court may deny their request.

another common part of the average divorce settlement process

If one spouse agrees to a trial divorce, the typical cost of a trial will range between three hundred fifty dollars and six hundred dollars. The trial usually involves both attorneys for either party and witness testimony. A settlement conference, at the conclusion of the trial, is another common part of the average divorce settlement process.

Divorce attorneys, particularly those who represent just one party, may bill a large amount of fees for their services. Fees can include divorce proceedings, depositions, trial, settlement conferences, appraisals, financial documents, workmen’s compensation and more. It is important to understand that these fees are not necessarily included in the marital property settlement. Some divorcing couples decide to divide their assets equally or divide them based on their own values.

choosing a low-cost divorce attorney can be beneficial

Divorce attorneys are not required to disclose their fees upfront. It is important to ask how much they charge upfront and what happens if the divorce action is not successful. Many individuals who are considering a divorce have emotional investments and may not feel comfortable revealing all of their financial information. You should not feel compelled to hire a divorce attorney if you are uncomfortable revealing your financial situation. On the other hand, if you are sure you will win your case, then choosing a low-cost divorce attorney can be beneficial.

On the negative side, attorneys can also be expensive. Fees can increase dramatically if the case is lost or if you do not settle your uncontested divorce as recommended. Divorce mediation, which is a less expensive option than a traditional court, is also available for some cases. Choosing an uncontested divorce does not mean settling for the least expensive divorce option, but rather, selecting a reputable divorce attorney who will represent your best interests and fight for your divorce settlement in the most efficient manner possible.

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